An Anecdote Regarding A “Simple” New York Residential Real Estate Contractor Dispute/Resolution

First things first.  Most people “hate” lawyers.  “We” lawyers get it.  “We” have our hands in your pocket in both your personal and business affairs, and you only benefit despite the “process” of the legal system instead of because of the legal system.  This belief system creates a truly sad state of affairs in the context of our legal system, which forms one of the main bases upon which the faith in our entire country is hugely based.  This faith extends not only to the our “legal system,” per se, but our rule of law provides stability to the financial markets, everyday business strategic decisions and long-term planning, as well as the overall individual population’s belief (however waning) in the fairness of the great society we have created.

***Let me return shortly with a brief, albeit anecdotal, story (all true) about clients I serviced years ago and what their experience with the legal system was as compared to what I, as their attorneys, advised them would happen versus what ultimately happened after more than two years of ongoing civil litigation in the context of a residential real estate contractor dispute (albeit involving a very expensive home in New York).  And, guess what?  We “won” on behalf of the clients in every single sense of the word.  But who “lost”?  And what exactly happened?  The answers to these questions form the basis upon which every individual that faces legal issues should take to heart.  Check back shortly …… ***

The Uncertainty of Legal Fees – Even for Somewhat “Basic” Legal Matters

Please read this at your discretion.

I type in mobile terms (edits etc.), so please also understand that if some minor areas of grammatical imperfection occurs … that is why; and the only reason why.  Otherwise, we always aim for absolute perfection in our legal proceedings.  And we achieve (at least what we perceive to be: absolute perfection):

The world of “law” might as well as be a third language to every citizen seeking either civil or criminal legal advice.  But …. this does not need to be the case.  You just have to understand (and really understand) what actually goes into legal proceedings and why attorneys (such as me and my law firm) ultimately quote for services rendered, which of course, might always seem like you might as well as have taken a second mortgage on your house, i.e., I get it, legal fees are like a root canal, but unlike a root canal, unless you feel the immense pain that a root canal brings forward, you might just be questioning whether you need costly legal services at all in the first place.

If you have pondered this exact debate back and forth, then, well, you are a Eye11human first, and a very intelligent human, second.  The bottom line is: ANY legal services will NEVER be cheap.  But …. every citizen will (should) forever enjoy the  right to pursue legal process only when he or she deems fit, and how, he or she deems fit, including all costs.

But remember this: acting “penny wise, but pound foolish,” will NEVER result in the achievement of your goals when navigating the legal process.

We strive to provide comprehensive and specifically responsive comments, answers, and consultations (of course, all free of charge) through websites such as (search for Brian Galligan), but when the matter discussed absolutely needs to be taken to the next level to protect your best financial and personal interests, we move quickly and seek to associate you with the best licensed legal attorney/firm that might handle your matter to the best result possible.

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Hi. I am Brian Galligan. I do not like my last name, but so many people over the years have said these initials (all three: BPG) are very powerful. I’m not sure what anyone means by the word “powerful.”

I typically equate a word such as “powerful” with another such as “Ultron,” or for those “more recent” “Transformers” ( I lived through Transformers the cartoons while the current generation watches 3-D pixel graphics. I do not think the current generation of younger viewers would be able to survive with such a level of relative poverty). Well, that’s neither here nor there (for now — the comments section is another thing all together).

I hope you do stay around for what will be a very interesting lawyer (note: I did not say “legal”) blog over the next couple of months.

My aim, at least at the beginning, is to shed some light on not only what we do as attorneys and the strategies and results we pursue, but how the entire court process (and system as a whole) actually works for you; the everyday person (like me, yeah — I just get to play in the pen but I get no privileges, and not as much pay as any of you think!!! We can talk about that…yeah)…

But, I have to say this as a prerequisite to anyone even so much as taking five minutes out of the their hectic day to read this drivel:

“Welcome to our new website covering the latest developments in the law, financial markets, politics, and overall business in New York and around the country. We hope you periodically check back in on this website, but in the interim, please find us at the following websites. We wish you all the best.”

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