Brian P. Galligan, Attorney-at-Law, New York, New York



Brian P. Galligan, Attorney-at-Law, New York, New York

BPG Advisory Group Inc. (8401 Main St. 722, Jamaica, NY 11435, 917-567-8635)

Hi. I am Brian Galligan. I do not like my last name, but so many people over the years have said these initials (all three: BPG) are very powerful. I’m not sure what anyone means by the word “powerful.”

I typically equate a word such as “powerful” with another such as “Ultron,” or for those “more recent” “Transformers” ( I lived through Transformers the cartoons while the current generation watches 3-D pixel graphics. I do not think the current generation of younger viewers would be able to survive with such a level of relative poverty). Well, that’s neither here nor there (for now — the comments section is another thing all together).

I hope you do stay around for what will be a very interesting lawyer (note: I did not say “legal”) blog over the next couple of months.

My aim, at least at the beginning, is to shed some light on not only what we do as attorneys and the strategies and results we pursue, but how the entire court process (and system as a whole) actually works for you; the everyday person (like me, yeah — I just get to play in the pen but I get no privileges, and not as much pay as any of you think!!! We can talk about that…yeah)…

But, I have to say this as a prerequisite to anyone even so much as taking five minutes out of the their hectic day to read this drivel:

“Welcome to our new website covering the latest developments in the law, financial markets, politics, and overall business in New York and around the country. We hope you periodically check back in on this website, but in the interim, please find us at the following websites. We wish you all the best.”

In terms of my skills as a lawyer, I do indeed have some. My accomplishments, excellent reviews etc. can be found at the following (reputable – read “not Angie’s List” -this is just an opinion only) websites:

Avvo Inc.

LinkedIn Corp.

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