An Anecdote Regarding A “Simple” New York Residential Real Estate Contractor Dispute/Resolution

First things first.  Most people “hate” lawyers.  “We” lawyers get it.  “We” have our hands in your pocket in both your personal and business affairs, and you only benefit despite the “process” of the legal system instead of because of the legal system.  This belief system creates a truly sad state of affairs in the context of our legal system, which forms one of the main bases upon which the faith in our entire country is hugely based.  This faith extends not only to the our “legal system,” per se, but our rule of law provides stability to the financial markets, everyday business strategic decisions and long-term planning, as well as the overall individual population’s belief (however waning) in the fairness of the great society we have created.

***Let me return shortly with a brief, albeit anecdotal, story (all true) about clients I serviced years ago and what their experience with the legal system was as compared to what I, as their attorneys, advised them would happen versus what ultimately happened after more than two years of ongoing civil litigation in the context of a residential real estate contractor dispute (albeit involving a very expensive home in New York).  And, guess what?  We “won” on behalf of the clients in every single sense of the word.  But who “lost”?  And what exactly happened?  The answers to these questions form the basis upon which every individual that faces legal issues should take to heart.  Check back shortly …… ***

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